DGP Innovations specializes in complete business solutions for startups, small to large businesses and businesses that are in turmoil. We help relieve the stress associated with the everyday workings of your business. We offer an extensive line of services to suit your every need. As a business owner you know your business better than anyone else. Sometimes, however, problems arise that require outside assistant to solve. Living all stages of the business life cycle has prepared us (in ways we could have never anticipated) to help other companies grow, change, recover, and, yes even close down.


Our consulting practice is cross-industry, serving all types and sizes of businesses.  Because each company has different goals and objectives, we design a unique program for each client. We analyze business processes, improve operational performance, and develop strategies to drive immediate and long-term revenue growth. We work on an hourly, project or retainer basis.


Most clients call us when they are in pain.  While we do have clients who bring us in when their business is on the hockey stick curve we all dream about, most of our engagements come about because something is going wrong or has to change…and often that something isn’t what the owner or founder expects it to be.


We consult with dozens of companies every year.  We know how to identify root causes quickly and make recommendations that a client (large or small) can actually implement.  We also know what it’s like to operate under stress with limited resources. We have the Experience and Knowledge to help with all the goals you might have and deliver outstanding results and provided superior service. Our belief is that with understanding, focus and the willingness to change, there is no business situation that can’t be improved.

Dmitriy Perelshtein, CEO

dmitriy@dgpi.co   |   Phone: 646-791-7530

Dmitriy is a seasoned entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping startups and businesses of all sizes. He wants your startup or business to thrive! Dmitriy has spent most of his professional career working for, or with, startups and small-medium businesses. He understands the time and talent struggle entrepreneurs face.



  • Operations management

  • Contract testing

  • Injection molded plastics manufacturing

  • Online sales

  • Quality and regulatory consulting

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Internal quality auditing

  • Supplier selection and qualification

  • Product and process development

  • Project management

  • Team development

  • Training program development

  • Competitive analysis

  • Website development

  • Marketing material creation

  • SEO content

  • Technical writing

  • Experience in the Medical, Tech, Automotive, Business Services, Hospitality,Computer Software, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Restaurants, Bars and Manufacturing Industries

Dmitriy has served at all levels of organizations from technical to executive management roles. His combination of technical skills, project management efficiency, effective marketing and excellent interpersonal skills are a winning combination. Add this to his love for business management and you have a valuable asset!

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